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Concaver - CVR1 Platinum Black

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Concaver CVR1 Wheel is a product addressed to drivers who want to emphasize their uniqueness and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Concaver - CVR1 Platinum Black"

Concaver CVR1 Wheel is a product addressed to drivers who want to emphasize their uniqueness and dynamism. However, this Mesh Wheel is not looks alone – the Hybrid Forged production process ensures it is lightweight, durable and trustworthy.

We believe that different requirements deserve dedicated solutions. Our profiles have been carefully thought out to meet the tastes and needs of even the most demanding customers. Depending on the exact model and size, between 2 to 4 unique face profiles are available (from Performance to Extreme Concave), in different widths. This allows us to offer wheels for cars from nearly every segment. Be it a comfortable casual car, an elegant executive vehicle or a premium supercar, you can trust us to enhance its performance and appearance with appropriate wheels!

The least concave profile in our offer, designed for maximum brake clearance, which makes it appropriate even for larger brakes of top-quality supercars.


The middle ground between the near-flat wheels and deep concave wheels. Our Mid Concave profile is an ideal choice for those clients who are looking for the balance between subtlety and dynamism.


Deep Concave wheels are targeted at customers who want to give their car a dynamic and aggressive character. It’s the perfect choice for those of you want to fit in with the latest automotive trends.


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